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Mind Clutter

Sometimes it is necessary to silence your mind. In the busy lives that we all lead, it is hard to take a much needed break. You would be amazed at how rejuvenated you feel after you have been able to start with a clean slate. Take time to pray, meditate, or to just sit and do nothing. The benefits could be life changing!!


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Are you a negative thinker or are you surrounded by people that think negatively? If so, it may be in your best interest to change your thoughts and to remove that negative energy from your day to day life. Negativity can be a cancer if you let it. Many that are successful say that a positive mindset can make all of the difference in ones’ success or failure. If you do not believe in yourself, then why should anyone else believe in you.

Joel Osteen gave an excellent sermon on Monday, May 11th 2008 on ‘Freedom from Wrong Mindset.’ In the sermon he uses the analogy of a computer getting infected with a virus and the fact that the virus can easily spread, slowing down your entire computer system. Negativity is a virus that spreads quicker then the flu. He also talks about hitting the delete button on the negative thoughts of the past and moving positively into the future. If you have time to visit his website, it is well worth your time (www.joelosteen.com).

Many of us may have negative thoughts in our heads about why we are where we are at this moment in our lives. Your thoughts may center around your race, your age, your gender, where you were born, etc. Now is the time to accept who you are and to stop making excuses. As Joel stated in his sermon, everyone was made in the image of God and we all have a particular purpose to fulfill while we are here on this Earth.

Follow your passion!! Do not let excuses stop you from following the path that you choose to follow. Sometimes, it is necessary to make your own path. As Hip Hop Mogul Jay Z stated, “I came to a fork in the road and I went straight.” People will always have something negative to say when you are trying to fulfill your dreams. That can no longer get in your way. It is time to shake the haters off and start living the life that you want to design for yourself and your family. When you come to that inevitable fork in the road, do not be afraid to take the road that has not yet been traveled. You never know where you may end up.

You only get one shot ……………………….

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