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Sunday mornings are always a great time for reflection! Especially, a nice, fall morning when you can sit out on the patio and just look back over the week. As I reflect on just the past week, I have taken a look at how many items I have on my plate as current ‘to dos.’ I am not even looking at my long term goals, but that I have to do right now. What I know for sure is that I have to start saying ‘NO’ to a lot of the items that do not help me achieve my goals and start saying ‘YES’ to the items that help to improve the wellbeing of my family and/or my career goals.

At work, we do something called the ‘WIN’ for the day/week. WIN stands for ‘What’s Important Now.’ It is a concept that I think is great and can crossover into ones home and personal goals. It is a way to help you decide what it is that you need to be working on throughout the day. It brings focus and direction to an otherwise very cluttered atmosphere. I have developed short and long term WINs. I am now looking at each day as an opportunity to actually accomplish something that is beneficial to my family and something that is beneficial to my personal goals.

As I have started to implement this concept during the week, I have noticed how easy it is to veer of track. In looking at areas and people that stay focused day in and day out, it is easy to see that these individuals have greater success than those that operate in chaos. It seems as though this is an element that one would have to work on constantly until it becomes habit. If it were easy, I believe that we would have even more successful people in this world today. The fact that it is a challenge should not deter you, but should inspire you to set goals and use this method as a tool to help you reach your goal(s).

Reflection – – – this is why Sunday morning’s are so great! I do not do enough self-reflection and this Sunday morning has reminded me of the importance of self-reflection as a gauge of how to make you a better person.

Cheers to self-reflection!


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