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I am finding that no matter how passionate you are about what you want to accomplish, there will always be obstacles and road blocks. In my opinion, these obstacles are put in place in order to prepare you for the next stage in your life.  As I listen to and read about people that tell their stories of how they got from point A to point B, it was not without some sort of challenge.

The winners in the game of life are those that are able to meet their challenges head on.  Not being afraid of the challenges, but finding ways to overcome the hurdles.  Sometimes, a little creativity is required to overcome and sometimes you have to be willing to create your own path to success.  I think that the later of the two is more important.  Not being afraid to create your own path….

So, to the challenging times I say, ‘Bring It On!’  What does not kill you, truly will make you stronger!


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