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The Passing of A Diva


Whitney Houston gave her life to her gift and on this day of her home going ceremonies, I hope that her legacy will not be tarnished. Her songs were at so many important life moments for so many people around the world.

She had her faults (as we all do), but who are we to judge her or condemn her journey through life. Whitney has reminded me how fragile life is and that we can not take one moment for granted. She had some great moments in her life that many of us will never get to experience. Her gift allowed her to travel the world. She used her God given talent to the fullest.

This begs the question, what are we doing with the talents that God gave to us. Are we blessing others with our talents? I think that we are doing God a disservice if we do not use and share our talents with the world. You just never know when your talents may bless someone through a situation that they are going through at the moment.

Whitney’s passing has also reminded me of the unconditional love that she and Bobby Brown shared for one another. I know that they would give anything to have another moment together. I know that Bobbi Kristina would give anything to hear her parents argue again.

The lesson in this tragedy is not to give up on love. No matter what the difficulties are that you are facing with your loved one, just don’t give up on it. Marriages today are breaking up at a rapid pace. We all know that marriage is not easy, but this union that takes place before God and is never to be broken. Our vows tell us that we are to work on our marriages until death. As we honor the life of Whitney Houston, we must remember to honor our spouses while they are right here with us.


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