Declare It

I am a huge Joel Osteen fan and I feel like so much of what he says can help get people to a point of where they are living out their dreams.  One of my favorite messages is the fact that you have to speak your goals and dreams into existance. Sometimes we are not able to even see what blessgings are in store for us, but if we continue to speakin the direction of positivity our lives will lean in that direction. Take a look at Proverbs 6 today!

What will you DECLARE today?

Heather Von St. James is a shining example of why HOPE can cause you to be triumphant over what all of the statistics may be seeing. So much of the stress that we carry can be lifted if we mentally decided to stay hopeful and positive. Take a look at Heather’s video on how she defied the odds in beating mesothelioma.

Heather, thanks so much for sharing your story!!


Many of us have the tendency to stay very vanilla. By this I mean that we do not venture much into what may be considered risk taking. We stay in the land of ‘Play it Safe.’

As I listen to various podcast about people that have amassed a great deal of success, there is one common thread….there was a risk they took that led them on the path to success. Everyone defines success differently. You will have to come up with your own definition of success. Once you have decided on that definition, you and only you are responsible for making sure you achieve the level of success that you dream about regularly.

Many of us desire a level of success that we can not see a clear path to. What we have to realize is that it does not matter if we can not easily see the path to get to where we would like to go, we just have to keep pushing forward. Or, we may need to color outside of the lines a little to get to that next level.

Sometimes it helps to hear from others experiences. Leave a comment about a time you ‘colored outside of the lines’ and it helped move you closer to your success goals.

As I was walking today with my kids, I was able to do a little reflecting. The scenery was beautiful, the conversation with kids was great, and I was counting my blessings. The season has changed, the leaves have changed color, and it is such a parallel to life.

Life happens to each of us in seasons. You will go through so many different phases of your life and this is what helps build character.
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It’s easy to lose sight of your current blessings. Sometimes, we get so caught up in what lies ahead that we do not stop and smell the roses that are currently blooming all around us.

Create a gratitude journal. Write about things that you are thankful for everyday. You will quickly see that your life may be full of blessings that someone else would die to have in their life.

I am THANKFUL for my husband and kids! I know that there are some women that pray everyday to have a loving family and I do not take a single day for granted that I have been blessed to spend with my family.

Let us know how you would start off your gratitude journal by leaving a comment below. It is a great mental exercise to think about the positive elements in your life.


The more success one gains, the more it may seem like your closest friends and family have negative comments to suggest that you will not succeed. The solution to this problem is to distance yourself from the negativity. There is a difference between respecting the facts and being negative for absolutely no reason.

I recently listened to Joel Osteen speak about the need to hit the DELETE button. Put the negative naysayers out of your mind. Move forward with your hearts desires. Expect the negativity, but remember to hit the delete button!

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