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I think that Michael Jackson had it right when he regularly said, “It’s all for LOVE!”

When we hear about all of the negativity that goes on in the world today, it really does not phase us. Many can listen to the afternoon or evening news, and not reflect on the fact that what the anchors are speaking about is real. Someone’s life was tragically lost or altered in some way and we do not flinch. In the words of Kayne West, “There’s nothing on the news but the blues.” What does this say about us as human beings?

Often times I think about the number of homeless people I pass as I leave my nice office in downtown Atlanta. The line at the shelter is often times wrapped around the building. The building is extremely small, so I know that all of those individuals are not going to get in for the evening. The unfortunate part is how cold it has been lately in Atlanta. If the homeless are not able to get in to a shelter, they are forced to sleep outside under bridges and/or on park benches.  It is really a shame that this is so prevalent in a country as wealthy as the US.

“They got money for war, but can’t feed the poor.” -Tupac

Don’t get me wrong, some individuals bring their situations on themselves. But, with the number of individuals sitting in churches each and every Sunday in the US, something should be different. How can someone consider themselves to be a Christian and sit back and allow poverty and injustice to go on around them?

I’m just as guilty as anyone in this matter, but I am hoping to challenge the status quo. I’m hoping that people will be moved to action. I think that the first step is to start by looking within. Love yourself! Next, love your family! Finally, as stated in Mark 12:31, ‘Love thy neighbor.’

Valentines Day, as practiced in the US, is all about celebrating the LOVE you have for others around you. I love my husband more than words can say. We will continue to celebrate our love each and every day.  A celebration of love does not occur on just one day a year. Everyday should be the 14th!


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